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What you’ll learn in this FREE workshop

Sometimes we need to be taken by the hand so that we can understand the steps you need to take to stop the overwhelm... In this 4 part workshop, we will show you how you can break it down to just 4 steps, and we will record it too so that you can check it out again...

  • First you need to plan, as they say 'failing to plan is planning to fail"
  • Next you need to build it - from the legal status, to your suppliers, pricing and insurance
  •  Thirdly, you need to grow it! From building your brand and launching to marketing and social media basics

" If you want to start a business successfully, you need to learn from the get go how to get over the overwhelm and just start.  Tiny steps become big ones... "

Kaz Johnson

CEO Success Club

More Information About the Workshop

On this workshop, you will learn how to plan, build and start growing your business.  We will look at the three basics of starting a business, which are:-


At this stage you need to take a step back and find out the viability of your business. 


Now you have done your research, it's time to building it!.


Now that you have built it, you need to let people know about you!

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